Tuesday 10 December 2019

Sanoma sells Donald Duck magazine and Nu.nl to Belgian group DPG

Sanoma sells Donald Duck magazine and Nu.nl to Belgian group DPG

Finnish publishing house Sanoma is selling its strategic Dutch activities, including news website Nu.nl and Donald Duck magazine, to DPG Media for €460m DPG Media is a Belgian publishing group which already owns four of the six big Dutch daily papers – the Volkskrant, Trouw, the Parool and the AD. ‘This is an important move to strengthen our operations in an increasingly digital world,’ said Erik Roddenhof, CEO of DPG Media in a press statement. Google and Facebook are the... More >

Dutch back The Gambia over Myanmar

The Netherlands has pledged to fully support The Gambia in the genocide case it has brought against Mynamar which opens at the UN’s International Court of Justice in The Hague on Tuesday. The Myanmar military is said to have committed ‘widespread and systematic clearance operations’ against the country’s Muslim minority, the Rohingya, since October 2017. Some 700,000 people have been displaced and thousands killed since the campaign began, which Myanmar claims is tackling an extremist threat. In Tuesday’s opening session,... More >

More arrests in Delft sextortion case

Police have arrested 18 more suspects in an investigation into a Delft-based blackmail ring targeting men with nude photographs. At least 30 other people were arrested earlier at the beginning of October in connection with the sextortion probe, of whom four, said to be the ringleaders, remain in custody. The others are thought to be money mules who allowed their bank accounts to be used by the gang. Police say the suspects blackmailed dozens of men and some 50 have... More >

Internet savvy elderly still prefer cash

One in 10 elderly people in the Netherlands do not use online banking services despite having a computer because they think its unsafe, a survey by the organisation for the elderly ANBO has found. Almost half the refuseniks said they thought the service was unsafe and over half said they would not be persuaded to start even when help was offered. Cash is still important to the elderly, ANBO director Liane den Haan said. ‘The results of the survey are... More >

Finance freelancers to get equal rights

Several companies operating in the financial sector are planning to improve the position of freelancers and people on flexible contracts, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Tuesday. Bank ING and insurance groups Achmea, Nationale Nederland, ASR and VGZ are poised to sign a code of conduct with the unions in which they agree to treat flexible workers in a similar way to regular staff, the paper said. In total the deal will cover some 10,000 self employed and workers on flexible... More >

Child prodigy quits Eindhoven University

The child prodigy poised just three weeks ago to be ‘the world’s youngest university graduate’ has stopped his bachelor degree course at Eindhoven’s University of Technology. Belgian nine-year-old Laurent Simons finished high school in a year and then moved to the Netherlands to take up his three year degree course, which he was set to complete in nine months. News of his prowess was covered in the media across the globe last month. But now the boy has ‘dropped out’... More >

Hormone disruptors found in produce: Trouw

Almost one in five samples of fruit and veg in Dutch shops contains remnants of hormone disrupting chemicals despite EC rules, an investigation by food watchdog NVWA has found. The research, reported on by newspaper Trouw, shows that around half the nectarines, grapes and peaches imported from Spain contain chemicals used in agriculture that can cause endocrinal disruption. A disturbance of the hormonal balance has been linked to a host of congenital diseases, such as autism, diabetes, infertility and ADS.... More >

Men arrested for group rape out of jail

All of the eight men arrested last week in a group rape case centering on a car showroom in Den Bosch have been released from jail. Two men, aged 18 and 26, were freed on Friday and the remaining six, who only had access to their lawyer, were let go following a remand hearing on Monday. A court spokesman declined to say why the men were no longer being held, given that they are suspected of a crime which carries... More >

Soldier gets community service for headbut

A decorated Dutch soldier has been given 100 hours community service by a military court for headbutting a policeman. Marco Kroon, who was awarded the Netherlands’ highest honour for bravery in 2009, was taken to court for abusive and insulting behaviour towards police officers during the last carnival Sunday in Den Bosch last March. He was arrested while peeing in public. The court was shown a video which shows Kroon being cuffed and jerking his head in the direction of... More >

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